We offer archery sessions for up to 12 participants (£20 for a one-hour session, Girlguiding groups) at our Stanemuir site. 

Sessions are suitable for Brownies, Guides and Senior Section.  Subject to instructor availability we offer sessions during the day (usually 10am-4pm) at weekends, and weekday evenings.  

Our Stanemuir archery sessions use lighter weight, rubber tipped arrows called "floo floo" at cartoon targets.

Get in touch with the archery adviser if you'd like to discuss a possible session, or book online. You can download the risk assessment here.



Archery sessions for bigger camps and events

If you have a camp with more than 24 girls, it can be difficult to fit archery into your programme.  Since 2013 we have a different option vailable where we will take 12 girls for a brief taster of archery for half an hour, with each girl getting to shoot at least 6 arrows.  This means that in a typical 2-hour activity slot at camp we can take up to 48 girls.  

If you are interested in this option please contact in the first instance, as it is very dependent on instructor availability.